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This site exists to publish our world famous, family developed, favorite chili recipe and to propagate chili discussions.

Our Origins...

This chili recipe is unique, having been developed and improved constantly over time. We believe in the 'continuous process improvement' philosophy which doesn't allow this recipe to be 'locked-in'. This recipe was derived from, as it's origins, a selected batch of recipes that have won world championship Chili contests. First, ingredients and techniques from many of these award winning chilis were cherry picked. Then, original modifications were made and continue to be made up to this present formulation.

The Name ...

Big, flavorful beer, black as midnight, with a thick brown headLastly comes the name, which is related to our singularly most important ingredient and process step: Black Shack Porter™ hand crafted beer from Wachusett Brewery in Central Massachusetts.

While ingredient experimentation and substitution is encouraged it won't be Black Shack Chili without this big, flavorful beer, black as midnight, with a thick brown head!

Every Chili batch gets a name, for me typically its named after the beer chosen, but invent your own.


What's Here ...

Everything you need is here, including;

Just print the list, go shopping and lets make chili !!

You are welcome to use the recipe. If copying the recipe you MUST give credit to and if you use the trademark Black Shack™ then you must give credit to Wachusett Brewery as well.

Please let us know how you like it!